Releasing AT500S - 4K Fisheye 360° Panoramic Ultra-HD Surveillance Camera this coming June.

We are releasing our new product AT500S- 4K Fisheye 360° Ultra-HD Surveillance Camera this coming June.
The camera offers advanced features & functions including:
 4K UHD at 30 fps or 2 Megapixels (Full HD) at 60 fps outstanding image output
 360° Panoramic Wide Viewing Angle
 Fish Eye Real Time Distortion Correction Algorithm
 Face Detection & other intelligent video analytics technologies
& more.
Capturing fast moving subjects/objects in amazingly high resolutions,
a blind-spot-free panoramic view of the environment and Multiple Region of Interest
on a single screen with outstanding image quality, with these features enabled by
our innovative technologies the camera AT500S will no doubt provide you a whole
new experience through helping you to enhance your surveillance & monitoring

efficiency and effectiveness immensely.